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Steppe man is written by Vidadi Hasanov and directed by Shamil Aliyev,an Azerbajan director

It narrates the parallel lives of the steppe people in 80’s and 90’s Soviet era. A family resides in the steppe and they believes a bird always roames around the sky to spread peace and harmony.The story gets a twist when a girl enters into the steppe as well as into the boy’s life deliberately changing his way and wish of living.The central character of the film (colcu) has portrayed the tittle of the film.Watch the full movie to taste the flavor of relation,love and duties.

Directed By : Joy Nirupam Bhaduri

The film is directed by Joy Nirupam Bhaduri. It is about a small girl,Ahona born in an extremely poor family ,so much that the parents are unable to provide adequate food to their children.The sheer poverty of her father didn’t even allow him to purchase the little happiness for her daughter.


Directed by : M Sediq Mijini

Turkey has tortured and killed thousands of people on the basis of language and culture.We know that weapon symbolizes brutality but sometimes people uses it for defense rather than pity wars.This story is of a mother who takes upon weapon to save her son’s life.Mother is a sign of love and peace,but what are the circumstances that made her do the worst.We will come to know about this in the film.


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