Cineville Calcutta Global Cinefest celebrates films from around the globe.Utilising honed skills in the best possible way and ensuring that the festival can evolve into a solid cultural and viable entity contributing to the innovating development for the people connected to the film community.


Directed by : Luca Machnich (Italy)

This is a story of a small kid who lived in a world of imagination. He dreamt of a magical world which broke suddenly .How he understands the difference between wonderland and reality? click on the snapshot to watch the full movie.

Should Love be confined to boundaries and walls

Directed by Anthony Miller and Antonia Mcghee

Love has its own way to express and define. Out of various flavours of love this movie shows us another kind. Sometimes there developes relationship which is apparently seen as something unusual, even the human beings can not justify it when in , but it is love. Practically AN UNCONVENTIONAL LOVE . We are confined to the walls we make and so each one of us has a different opinion about affection. click on the poster to view full movie.


A documentary of a person who alone started a revolution against pollution and started a green moving oasis to roam across Calcutta,to spread awareness.He dreamt of an environment that is pure and to fullfil he needs help from public and government.Lets understand the moto and his inspiration to goodness. Director: Anirban Chakraborty


The whole film revolves around a character who tries to save her husband and herself get trapped into aproblem.She manages to survive for few days but alas! she couldnt seek on the snapshot to watch the full video. Directed by Amir Athar Soheili

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