WELCOME….To the wonderland of TRIPVILL TV.

Hope you are well. Dear, We are here to say a few words about TRIPVILL TV and it’s activities.

TRIPVILL TV is an online Television broadcast in view of showcasing and distributing independent films from around the world. If we look at the situation, It is not hard to see that many films are independently with deep rooted thoughts and artistic creation, not only amusements at all. But due to lack of financial strength and the proper distribution channel viewers remain deprived from many good films from around the world. To give you the real sense of cinema and to tell your own story what you can’t see but only feel in your life, TRIPVILL TV is here. Most of us are sunk in the only amusements big house film and don’t know what treasure is there in the independent films.

Friends, have patience a little. We work under the banner of TRIPVILL FILMEDIA which is an umbrella organization of Three international film festivals, One film magazine and Film production and proposed online film school. TRIPVILL TV projects the films which is made under the company and even from outside film makers.

For the convenience of the viewers, we have made the TRIPVILL PAGE home page with and ENTER button. Just after pressing you will enter into the much awaited wonderland. There are various films posted in the page there and you will have to enter by clicking to see the synopsis of the film and ultimately it will lead you to the payment or ticket fee which is very little with respect to the contemporary situation.

Friends, TRIPVILL TV has two parts in it’s CINEMA HALL page. At the top you will see a moving called SHOWING THIS WEEK. If you book a ticket from the link there, you will be sent the link of the film within 24 hours. Next seven days you will have the access of the film, whenever and wherever you will watch in exchange for only $20.

EACH MONTH YOU WILL HAVE DIFFERENT FILMS WITH YOU TO WATCH. WE ARE READY TO SERVE YOU with the wonderful independent films from around the world. Please step into our wonderland.

2Q/2B Pacific Paradise, 219 Banipalli, Boral, Kolkata 7000154.

Email: ttripvill@gmail.com

Phone and whatsapp: +91 97321 37149


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